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 Jehovah's Witnesses -

$3.50 @
 AT 55 Jehovah's Witnesses - Martin, Walter
 AT 78 More Light on the Cults JWs - Bill Schnoebelen
 AT 154 How to Witness to JW's - Grieshaber, Erich
 AT 192 Jehovah's Witnesses and Armageddon Martin,W
 AT 193 More Light on the Cults Jehovah's Witnesses
.AT 275 Jesus Christ In Flesh Evidence of Resurrection
 AT 301 a.b JWs and the Real Jesus - Walter Martin 2 Audio Tapes
 AT 302 a.b Text/Terms Twisted by the Watchtower Martin 2 Audio Tapes
 AT 501 a.b.c.d.e.f Jehovah's Witnesses Exposed B Cetnar 6 Audio Tapes
.CD 807 JW's Jesus Christ & the Trinity - Dr. Walter Martin



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